Ali LaBelle is a Los Angeles–based creative director, strategist, and artist who builds mood boards for just about everything. Before starting Ali LaBelle Creative, Ali worked in–house for nearly a decade as the creative director of a fashion accessories company. In that time she developed a unique style of conceptual direction that helps clients visualize the narrative potential of a project for themselves, which not one but two clients have referred to as “design therapy”. (To be clear, Ali LaBelle does not claim to be a therapist or physician of any kind and for legal reasons wants to make sure you know that.)
Ali’s philosophy is shaped by her curiosity and love of learning and her work is often a reflection of the ephemera, books, films, and spaces that inspire her. If you can’t seem to find her, she’s probably busy digging through a mountain of textiles at a flea market or planning an entire dinner party around the design of a wine label.

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