Ali LaBelle is a Los Angeles-based creative director. Her experience in developing thoughtful concepts across brand development, marketing, product design, and social media lends itself to a wide range of creative projects and clients.

CREATIVE Consulting

Ali consults with visually–driven brands to identify and fill the gaps in their creative strategy, leading them in telling strong, imaginative stories that reflect their unique point of view. She partners with in–house teams as well as her network of creative contributors to pull a brand’s narrative through from product to customer.

Examples of this include:
— Helping small brands maximize
their editorial potential
— Facilitating creative brand shifts
— Presenting ideas for social, digital marketing, events, or collateral
— Art directing photo shoots, product lines, or content
— Curating creative talent for projects or full-time positions


Utilizing a unique, introspective discovery process, Ali helps founders, entrepreneurs, and teams realize their new or existing brand’s vision. Using a thoughtful approach that toes the line between creative strategy and visual direction, Ali equips clients with the tools to build a rich visual world that can grow and evolve as their company does, and in partnership with designer Maddy Nye, turns that world into reality.

This includes:
— Development of a visual concept to drive creative decisions forward
— Creation of assets like an identity, website, and packaging
— Building a visual guide that clients can take with them into future creative decisions
— Partnership in shaping a new or shifting brand from the inside out
— Ideas for dynamic “extras”, like print pieces and merch


Ali’s love of collaboration extends beyond client projects and into her own little world. She often works with designers, brands, and friends to create exclusive, thoughtfully designed products and content that invite others to share in the things she loves.

These types of partnerships include:
— Designing limited-edition product capsules
— Creating collaborative content series for Instagram or Pinterest
— Editorial or curatorial projects for brands or media outlets
— Fun stuff for her alter ego @pastagirlfriend
— Supporting campaigns for brands or institutions she believes in


Ali can help you visualize and make creative decisions around a wedding, dinner party, or special event, creating directional tools for you to guide you through the planning process. Whether for a corporate event or something personal, Ali will consider every last detail in bringing it to life.

This could look like:
— Pulling together a concept for a special event, big or small
— Creating a branded experience through thoughtful decor and printed materials
— Building personalized, meaningful art direction for a wedding
— Curating gift packages for group trips, the holidays, or events
— Sourcing vendors and creatives to help bring it all to life

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From our first conversation, Ali was direct and honest and envisioned a creative design for what I could only articulate but not see vividly.  When we left that conversation, Ali responded with a roadmap as to how to visually create what I was looking for. Her ability to cut through and clarify my concept was close to perfect, and her ability to do that swiftly kept us under budget. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect creative consultant at the time when I needed one.

— Dan Petroski, Massican Wines
When I reached out to Ali I was looking for a rebrand and a new website. I got that, and it exceeded my expectations, but I also got a new perspective on my business, and am completely reinvigorated after years of feeling uninspired and stuck. 

Ali is a dream to work with. I would recommend her to anyone, and will continue to work with her as my business grows. She’s so competent and never seems to run out of creative and exciting ideas. She was also really great at translating design language in a way that I could understand and at any crossroads in the process she was quick to suggest something I would have never thought of, or troubleshoot any issues or concerns I had.

— Amanda Robinson, Iris+West

Through a thoughtful and stress-free process, Ali took the jumble of thoughts and ideas in my head and translated them perfectly into the Gal Friday brand identity that I love so much. It was a joy to work with her and get a front row seat to her creativity. She's the perfect partner for anyone launching something new; Ali is attuned to that specific mix of nerves and excitement and makes you feel safe and supported without fail.

— Jessie Cohen, Gal Friday